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Your legal UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) drone alternative.

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Silently & safely serving Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and beyond for 20 years!

Since 1997, Photo Blimp Aerial Photography Inc. (incorporated in 2007) has been specializing in photography with altitude – specifically, a safe and silent, cost-effective approach to low-level aerial photography with a tethered helium blimp. From 10 to 1000 feet, a difficult place to safely get a camera, above everyone on the ground, and below airplanes.

This is our full-time business and we are fully insured, covered by WCB, and DO NOT REQUIRE A FLYING PERMIT, as the blimp is tethered to the ground – NOT FLYING. Your legal UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) drone alternative.

We have the knowledge and experience to guarantee we will get your photos done right. All of the photos you see on this site are from over 1000 paid photo shoots done over the years.



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