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Photo Bubbles

by Photo Blimp

Photo Bubbles by Photo Blimp specializes in the art of creating full 360 spherical photographs. Traditionally, still flat photography has been used to capture the feel of an environment or event. Today, still photography has been redefined and has evolved into an interactive panoramic experience, allowing the viewer to fully immerse themselves into any visual environment. We call our interactive, virtual, 360, spherical, aerial photographs Photo Bubbles – easier, don’t you think?

Each Photo Bubble is shot with a professional, high-quality, digital SLR camera with special performance lenses. The elevated perspective is achieved with a helium blimp and extending aerial tripods. The finished product is a seamless, 360 virtual spherical tour, with properly exposed images and “full screen” capabilities.

Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we provide services that reach a global audience. Our cutting edge images are created with the expressed purpose of adding a new dimension to your project or online market niche.

Photo Bubbles’ fresh perspective will let you show the world.


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