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Photo Blimp Aerial Photography is the silent & safe solution that you’ve been looking for!

Our helium-filled blimp is tethered to the ground, giving us the ability to focus on the camera and not the flying. Once in the air, the blimp will float silently all day without concern for refueling – we’ve even had a few shoots that were over 8 hours in duration! If the client wishes, they can view the monitor along with the blimp operator with both feet planted firmly on the ground. The tether has measurements just like a tape measure, and the camera gimbal also has an altimeter for precise elevations. The tether is non-conductive and all communications to the camera are wireless. And when the job is completed, the blimp is stored in its custom-made trailer, ready for the next shoot.

Established 1997

From film to digital.

Photo Blimp was established in 1997 and incorporated in 2007. Over the years, we’ve seen Vancouver and the Lower Mainland go through a lot of changes. These are some of our earliest aerial photos that date back to the late 90s. Shot with a film camera, the photos show just a few of the many changes Vancouver has gone through over the years.


Photo Blimp photos have been utilized in so many ways, such as on the front pages of newspapers, made into postcards, on the sides of buses, printed over 50 feet long, used in court hearings, converted to maps, had future buildings rendered into them, and been in numerous articles!

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5Ds 50 meg sensor compare

The most important piece of equipment is the camera. We use the Canon 5DS with 50 megapixels and a full frame sensor. Many clients have needed to print our photos to over 10 feet in height, so the larger the sensor and the more pixels there are, the better.


final telephoto final wide angle

Zoom in or out on the fly to get the perfect photo, from telephoto out to extreme wide angle. We do fisheye views, too, if you wish.


down low up high

From the top of a ladder to airplane perspectives and everything in between!


Horizontal Vertical

Turn it vertical on the fly, if needed! Some subjects just have to be shot vertically!



The blimp IS NOT a UAV (Unmanned, Aerial, Vehicle) that would require by law a permit called a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada. Because the blimp is tethered to the ground – FLOATING not FLYING, AN SFOC PERMIT IS NOT REQUIRED. SFOCs can be complex and take time to acquire. Flying UAVs in populated areas may also require traffic and pedestrian controls and other notifications by law; these concerns can make an aerial shoot a real challenge.

Unfortunately, there are many people offering these services without the proper permits and insurance coverage. Don’t put yourself or your company at risk, physically or legally. INSIST ON SEEING AN SFOC PERMIT, LIABILITY INSURANCE, AND WCB COVERAGE.


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20 years of silent, safe, legal service. We have $2 million in liability insurance and are also covered by WCB to work on site.



Serving Vancouver, The Lower Mainland, and Beyond for Over 18 Years!

  • “Mike’s Photo Blimp photos have been the canvas that has given my visual effects team a great frame on which to start our work.”
    Matthew S. Gore – Executive Visual Effects Producer, Eureka

  • “The shots he captures of properties, land sites, surrounding development areas, etc. have been an integral part of our marketing campaigns.”
    Kate Reid – Client Coordinator, Cushman Wakefield

  • “Photo Blimp is a great strategic partner for Rennie and provides professional service, diligent delivery, and one of the best selling tools for our sales and marketing team.”
    Bob Rennie – Rennie Marketing Systems

  • “We have a very large and active site and things are always changing. Photo Blimp provides us with a great means of capturing the activities on site on a periodic basis.”
    Tom Land – Ecowaste Industries Ltd.

  • “FYI – your aerial photo last year won a department award. Good work.”
    Tommy Buchmann – Project Engineer, AECOM

  • “A very persuasive way to present evidence.”
    Tony Vecchio – Slater Vecchio

  • “Mike did a fantastic job and allowed us to present very detailed and professional pictures to two industry magazines that were keen to profile our company and this unique job”
    Nick – Matakana Scaffolding B.C. Inc.